Rhonda Rubinstein, Owner and Designer

As a young child I would spend hours with my grandfather in his garden watching him tend to the gorgeous flowers and vegetables that he grew. The flowers, leaves, rocks, and tree bark in the garden fascinated me. I realize now that those were the experiences that inspired my artistic vision and the way I see the world in various shades of color and repetition of patterns and textures. 

Watercolor became my medium early on and I painted professionally and taught watercolor for many years. Later I began to incorporate photography into my artistic practice as well,  always working to incorporate the painterly style of my watercolor into my photographic images. 

We are surrounded by art everyday if we take the time to see it.The patterns, colors, textures, and beauty of nature are the subjects of and the inspiration for the images that I use in my line of "Functional Fine Art" consisting of art prints, stationery, calendars, fabric, fans, and more.